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What Does Luxury Travel Mean To You?

Luxury travel means different things to different people.

And, we really get that. Our goal is to understand exactly what luxury travel means to you so that we can plan for you the best experience possible following your wishes and requests.

We offer bespoke service with customized & individualized planning for every experience for every client.

What Is Your Ideal Luxury Getaway?

For us, the ideal luxury getaway starts from our front steps where a driver comes to pick us up and bring us to the airport.

At the airport, we’re greeted by a host and a luggage porter who escort us through the check-in and security process and directly to the VIP lounge.

From there, we fly in the comfort of Business Class — or, perhaps via private jet — with a glass of juice or wine and a lie-flat seat.

When we arrive to our destination, we are greeted by a host who then escorts us through the arrival process and to the luggage belt, where a luggage porter assists to bring our bags to the car that is waiting.

We’re brought to our lovely hotel of choice, and one of the managers is there waiting to greet us and expedite our check-in process.

When we arrive to our chosen room or suite, we find that we have not only a spacious and luxurious layout with a comfortable bed, but also a spectacular view of the local area (or, perhaps the sea).

We’ve noticed that there is also a special gift on arrival — perhaps a small bowl of fresh fruit and some chocolates — and a note from our travel planner welcoming us into our accommodation.

From here, there are limitless possibilities, flexibility in our schedule, and an assortment of life-enhancing experiences including spa sessions, private tours, special access to exclusive opportunities, unique experiences, and elegant dinners.

Through the whole trip, we’ve felt safe, secure, and that our everything was being taken care of, so that we could focus on what matters most — the experience!

The ideal luxury trip can mean so many different things to so many people, and that’s where our expertise lies — in creating an excellent experience for what you desire most.

We offer that personalized service and personal touch that you’re seeking on your getaway — from now until your trip has ended.

Lunch Sailing in Bora Bora

Why Us?

We have the fortunate benefit of having outstanding relationships with many luxury resort brands, private jet services, chauffeur services, tour agencies, and more around the globe, which allows us a competitive edge when making arrangements for our guests.

We’re able to get access to various galleries, exhibits, shows, and more that are not available to the general public.

It’s important for us to get to know more about you, your preferences, and what matters most to you when you’re away from home.

We take pride in developing a relationship with our guests and carrying over our knowledge with each subsequent trip.

Further, we have extensive experience booking high end travel, including high-end trips to every continent on the globe.

Finally, we understand and appreciate privacy and discretion. It’s our duty and mandate to maintain honor and trustworthiness to our dear guests — a guest’s trust is something we never take for granted.

Ready to get away? Feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Hyatt Ziva Cancún Pool

Main Photo: Room With View At Hyatt Zilara Cancún

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